Let's talk about my friend, Kirti. There is a Wedding coming up in the family and she is struggling with what to wear. How about the sarees and the lehengas that she bought on her last trip to India. She looks in her closet.  But they are now out of trend and luster. The decision to buy a new dress has become evident and after all, it's her cousin's marriage who is also a close friend. She doesn't like the designs that are available in the local shop and is sometimes overpriced. She opens up her desktop and googles "Indian Wedding Dress". A never-ending list of sites come up.Some of them look familiar. 

There are many online shopping sites that offer Ethnic wear. I came across many customers who are hesitant to buy clothes online because of their previous experiences. The product that they received didn't seem to be the quality that was shown in the pictures.

With the retail industry moving away from the brick and mortar model, and the limitations that come with a physical shop location, the online shopping has become the norm. In this case, I would suggest the customers to become smart online buyers. Below is a list of checklist that you should look for before buying a dress-

1. Does the website offer the reference pictures and then the real picture of the outfit?

2. Check for the fabric details. If the fabric starts with "pure" like pure georgette, pure chiffon, pure silk then you can expect a decent fabric quality.

3. Is the price too good to be true? Does the price look like something that you wouldn't expect to find even in your local town back home? Basically, you get what you paid for.

4. Do they offer custom stitching? The dresses that are in standard sizes might not give you the best fit.

5. What does the Customer review look like for the site?

6. Do they have social evidence of good products? What is their following on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest?

Apply all the above principles before buying a dress online and you won't go wrong.Do let us know what you think and add to this list in the comments section.

At Fashion Vibes, we abide by these guiding principles. We believe in customer delight and providing a real value. We do quality checks before every shipment is sent out and provide free custom stitching including for plus sizes.  

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