Indian fashion scene is continuously evolving with influences from the west and also molding to the choice of the new generation. This brings forward the emergence of new trends. One such trend is IndoWestern dress.-Western-style gowns with a fusion of Indian embroidery. The demand for ethnic Indian wear is growing as the designers are bringing out their creativity with the unique mix of fabrics and the embroidery. 

Lets List the top 10 Trends for  Indian Fashion -2018

1. Indowestern Dresses

2. Brocade Lehengas

3. Bandhini and Lehariya

4. Everything Banarasi

5. Gotapatti everywhere

6. Kundan Jewelry and Meenakari

7. Temple Design Jewelry 

8. Mad rush for Sabyasachi

9. Not to forget Manish Malhotra Bollywood Trends

10. The Elegant Sharara 

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Sana said:

No 5 black goat work with red dupatta is how much

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