The clothes make the person. As the saying goes, it is right on the money this time. Throughout the eras of civilizations, it has been proven time and again that clothes are one of the most essential identifying characteristics of the people. The social globe is made up of various communities and every one of these communities has their own signature wardrobe tastes. These varying styles of women's clothing are the consequence of the lifestyle, the climate and the habitat of the variant communities. So when people started taking seriously the art of mixing and synchronizing wardrobes & accessories from different cultures and different times, the fashion genre came into being. The trendsetting styles in clothing are connoted with the tag of fashion.

salwar kameez

Every country in the world has its own set of national attire like the Scottish have the classic red & black plaid skirts and the Spanish have the el classic fiery flamencos. Similarly, India also has its own national attires. The social diversity present in the country is the greatest source of fashion yet again this is also the reason why the country is in so much dilemma to ascertain a national attire. Hence, sarees and salwar kameez were selected as the national garment and that too after many debatable discussions. Most of the women feel comfortable and fashionable wearing these but the recent fashion shift in the social order points to the fact that salwar kameez and suit are the most popular choice of wear for the Indian women and their foreign associates too.


In India, the craze and the exuberance around a wedding is simply incredible and overtly extravagant. It is not just the most special & important day in the lives of the bride & the groom but a period long celebration for everyone associated with the couple, be it their family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances or even straight up the strangers. The most important part of the weeklong wedding celebration is dress shopping. Dress of the bride, the bridesmaids, the friends and the family are one of the crucial aspects of attraction at the engagement, the sangeet, the mehndi, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, on the marriage day, and at the reception. The most trending wedding trousseau this season is most certainly the wedding salwar suits. The trend of the time is exquisite & exclusive salwar suit & kameez laced with designer infusions and bridal chutzpah.

 salwar suits online

Fashion Vibes brings to you a lot of trending salwar selection. Before you choose your pick let’s see what are the most popular & prominent salwar trends in the contemporary fashion fiesta.

  • The most electrifying fashion tip nowadays is the indo-western designer salwar suits. The western crops tops and asymmetry found its elegant display in the stitches of the Indian kameezs. Moreover, during a wedding party nothing will bring out the sassy yet traditional swag in you more than these apparels.


  • The next in the line is the stylish suits from the hangers of Indian designers. Embroidery salwar suits are the most trending apparels for the wedding season because you will get to display your desi swag in the most charming way which will definitely make you stand out amidst the glittering & over-dressed crowds at a wedding ceremony. The suits in the markets are very hot cake nowadays because of the variant designs that these sport. The asymmetric & fluttering silhouettes glorifies the Indian feel while the front slit & the side slits brings out the wilder fashion sense instilled in you. For any wedding event you can definitely try one of these.


  • However, if you want to have a bridal wedding suit then nothing is more pristine and regal than a fully ethnic Anarkali salwar suits. The glamor and the elegance that the attire radiates can rival any gown or lehenga in a heartbeat. The designer, handmade, embroidery and imprinted anarkali suits are the best fit bridal dresses that not only compliment the body but also irradiates the essence of joy & love.


  • Lastly, the most trending fashion in wedding salwar suits is obviously the plazo suit. The long and booming pants along with a complementing long or cropped designer salwar can go toe to toe with any fashion collection on any day. Choose the most suited plazo in you dresser and become the fashionista at the jubilant Indian weddings.

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