No Indian wedding is complete without the staple bridal trousseau the rich and elaborate Benarasi Silk Sarees. Renowned all over the world for their intricate brocade work and rich embroidery, a traditional Banarasi silk saree has equal volumes of golden and silver threads woven with the best quality of silk to create the finest and most exquisite pieces of fabric ever. So now that you are researching on how to choose your bridal saree for your big fat Indian wedding ceremony, we are guessing it is the right time to say Hearty Congratulations to You for Happily Married Life!! Congratulations on your choice of bridal trousseau because the Banarasi saree is as traditional Indian as it gets and is reflective of an image befitting true royalty and aristocracy. The Banarasi saree has always remained a timeless classic since its inception at the beginning of the first millennia. It survived numerous invasions and ebbs and tides in prevailing cultures, only to have arisen even richer, grander and elegant. The Banarasi saree is as much a fashion statement as it is a power statement.

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So while you are still researching abundantly to help you streamline the right choice for your wedding saree, here are a bunch of parameters that can usually overrule or govern the range of your choices. Budget, Genuinity, Fabric, Design, Time of wedding ceremony, body type and skin complexion are key decisive factors when it comes to choosing the right banarasi designer saree for your wedding day. While Banarasi sarees can really get the roof crashing with its upper limit of prices, it is important to have an upper limit for spends on your wedding bridal sarees in the form of a Banarasi embroidered saree. This helps you fix your focus on a selected range to make your choice from and not allow your attention or mind to wander off course. Next comes choosing a genuine Banarasi saree, which might not be a very daunting task if you are in India and want to physically go shopping for one. There are a lot of licensed and officially registered handloom and craft shops under the Government of India that sell authentic and original Banarasi sarees. Fast forwarding to the present day and age of digital technology, there a lot of these authentic shops which deal in genuine Banarasi saree online which have a strong and visible presence online and supply authentic Benarasi sarees to be shipped even to overseas locations. However, to be even clearer and confident in what you want in your Banarasi saree, it is always good to do well research, a notch above the sellers so that you can cross check and verify their claims with your acute sense of judgement. For instance, a genuine Banarasi saree is completely hand crafted and consists of approximately 5600 thread wires with the count increasing with the increase in the intricacy and elaboration of the brocade and embroidery. 


When it comes to fabric specifications, Benarasi sarees are available in four varieties, namely Katah, Georgette, Shattir and Organza with zari and silk. With each of these specific choices of fabric is associated specific style of design and embroidery such as Jamdani sarees, Jangla sarees, Tanchoi sarees, Tissue sarees, Butidar sarees & Cutwork sarees. So when it comes to shortlisting the fabric and design one has to be very well researched in order to be sure of what fabric and design combination they expect in their bridal Banarasi saree. Time of wedding ceremony governs the choice of colour as a morning wedding ceremony would have a different appeal for certain colours which would be different from an evening wedding ceremony.

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