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Questions and Help

Help/Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I contact Fashion Vibes?

 Please contact us by email – We are unable to take calls due to high call volumes. We are still a small team of Fashion Vibers.

  1. I am a customer from India and want to see prices in Rupees?

On the top right corner of the screen there is a currency dropdown. Please select INR and you will see the prices in INR. You will be able to checkout in INR as well.



  1. I am a customer from Canada, UAE, UK etc. and how can I see prices in my currency?

On the top right corner of the screen there is a currency dropdown. Please select your currency and you will see the prices in your currency. You will be able to checkout and pay in your currency as well. Please select your right currency code.


  1. How do I pay?

     We accept payments through our website-

For US: We accept:

All Credit Cards


Amazon Pay

Apple Pay

Google Pay

For Non US:

We accept credit cards. Please select your currency code on the top right corner of the page and then checkout.



  1. I am afraid to buy online. I had previous bad experiences from other Indian fashion websites. Why should I buy from Fashion Vibes?

At Fashion Vibes, Quality is of the upmost importance to us. All our designs are curated by fashion experts for design and fabric. We inspect every single shipment for fabric quality before it is shipped out from our facilities. We maintain high quality in fabric and stitching. Most of our products are pure fabrics meaning pure silk, pure georgette, velvet. We don’t offer semi or blended outfits.

We are located in Fremont, California. We have shared our Customer Satisfaction Stories on the Meet Our Customers Page. 

  1. I can see the same outfit being sold for much cheaper value on some other website. Why is your price higher than that?

 The popular Lehengas or Anarkalis may have the same reference pic on different websites. But there is a vast difference in the quality. Every popular ethnic wear on the internet has at least 5 different variations of the fabric and embroidery quality available in the market.

All the dress material that we buy is of higher quality and all our vendors are certified.

  1. I like this pic. Can you make the dress for me?

We have fully custom design available for Weddings and Special Occasions. These are fully customized with color, fabric and design. These are usually priced higher than other products on our site.

 The custom designs are usually higher priced because of the amount of work that goes into creating them. But you can be sure that they are unique and with very high quality and excellent craftsmanship.

Please share the pics that you are interested in by email and we can give you the price estimates. 

  1. Why can’t I choose the color and the size variation of the product on the site?

We do custom stitching for almost all of our products. We collect the color and measurements details in an email after you place the order. You can be assured of the constant communication that is maintained by our Customer Support Team. 

  1. How much do I have to pay for Stitching and Shipping?

Stitching and Shipping is free for all our products. We ship World Wide. 

  1. When will you ship?

It usually takes us 3-4 weeks to ship your order. Please let us know if you need your order sooner than that.

 Meanwhile, we will be communicating and answering all your questions by email. You will get notification from UPS, USPS if you are a customer from USA or Canada.  We use DHL and FedEx for all other countries. The shipping notification will be sent to your phone after we ship.

 11. When selecting a color and adding to the Cart, the image on the product page doesn't change according to the color?

Currently, the website doesnt show the color pic corresponding to the color that you selected on the dress. You can go ahead and order. We will process the order according to the color that you selected under the Color dropdown. We will also confirm the color with you in a followup email after the order is placed. So you can rest assured that you will get the right color for the dress that you ordered.