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Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns or IndoWestern Gowns are pciking up steam in Indian fashion. A lot of Indian Brides now prefer to wear Wedding Gowns at their weddings.  Indowestern gown is a theme in atleast one of the wedding events. Brides can wear gowns at the reception or engagement ceremony. Wedding Gowns by fashion Vibes are uniquely designed where the stitching is done with western gown cuts in mind but with tarditional embroidery embellishments and look.

Wedding Gowns by Fashion Vibes are made with pure fabrics and are hand embroidered with zardosi work or gotappatti, pearl sequin work.  These are custom gowns and can be made in off shoulder , jacket or frill styles which are very popular. 

Wedding gowns are perfect for the bridesmaids or sister of the bride to wear at the wedding. They are sure to get you attention at any wedding or a party. Pair these gowns with indian jewelry from Fashion Vibes and they are sure to  get you noticed. 

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