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Designer Jewelry by Fashion Vibes is a curated collection of beautiful designs made with high quality kundan, polki, imitation pearls and amercican diamond stones. The most pouplar indian jewelry is kundan jewelry sets. These have extensive deisgns with a use of variety of stones like semi precioys stones to add color and the base is the igh quality kundan stones. When worn with aheavy saree or lehenga they add to the beauty of the complete look of the outfit.

The kundan wedding sets can be worn by Brides or by wedding guests. The jewlery sets are available in delicate designs to statement necklaces which can take center piece of your outfit. These sets are available in colors (semi stone colors) to match  with the color of your outfit.

The American Diamond or CZ jewelry sets are western style jewelry sets with a lot of sparkle . They are sure to add dazzle to your outfit. They are perfect to go with your evening gown or dress or any western outfit. 

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