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Sarees are female dresses typical to the women belonging to the Indian subcontinent since the earliest annals of time. A very unique piece of clothing, it consists of nine yards of cloth that is often decorated with heavy and ornate embroidery to reflect the female form in utmost elegance and grace. Sarees have been known to be invented in India and have been in circulation in use since the first documented travelogue of India by a foreign traveler that was presented to the world. An intricately crafted and detailed piece of clothing, sarees can be a very inclusive segment of clothing as it would suffice the simple needs of covering the female body from head to toe, revealing only her face and at the same time it can be a very fashionable, stylish and extremely bold style statement, woven seamlessly from the best silken fabric and embroidered with gold and silver and embedded with rich jewels.

banarasi silk saree

Sarees are interestingly a very common piece of female clothing that adorns the female frame of a commoner as well as that of royalty. Sarees, surprisingly dwell on both ends of the fringes as well as the middle path. It is a common woman's dire choice of clothing while it can be highly sophisticated and detailed to drape the likes of royal femininity and at the same time it can dwell in the middle part, not being starkly simplistic or overtly sophisticated, for everyday wear. The sarees that dwell on the sophisticated end of the fringe and create a distinct distinguishing exclusive identity for themselves, with the intricate artistic weaving and crafting of the same are known as Banarasi sarees and very typically associated as the wedding attire for a royal bride.

banarasi silk saree


Banarasi sarees in the vastness and richness of their exclusive craft can be further segregated into four broad categories, namely pure silk (katan), organza (kora) with zari and silk, georgette and shatter. This classification is on the basis of the base fabric used for designing and weaving the saree. Again Benrasi sarees can also be subjected to further categorization on the basis of design and style of crafting the saree, namely jangla, tanchoi, vaskat, cutwork, tissue and butidar. However, we are going to discuss the different types of Banarasi silk sarees that are available for purchase and how to distinguish different styles in Benrasi silk sarees.

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 Katan is a style of Benarasi sarees wherein plain fabric is woven with pure silken threads which are further woven seamlessly into pure silk sarees. While in the days of the heights of glory of the craft, Katan silk sarees would be handcrafted with indigenous designs and motifs, today these pure silk sarees are manufactured using powerlooms and rapid looms. Organza with zari and silk is distinctly renowned because of its eye catching richly embroidered brocades often in gold and silver that makes the wearer and the saree stand out distinguishingly in a crowd. Banarasi sarees usually due to heavy intricate design and materials that they hold are often weary heavy and can be an exhausting experience for the novice wearer.

designer banarasi silk saree

Georgette Banarasi sarees are quite distinct among the category because they are crafted from light fabric involving a plain weave. This is why this particular kind of Banarasi saree owing to its lightweight nature finds a lot of use in Bollywood films. Shattir is the latest of the different variants of the Banarasi saree that has been conceived and surfaced in recent times for its lightweight and simplistic nature which makes it more cost effective and affordable than the other varieties. Banarasi saree are the most apt ones when it comes to the occasion of wearing a wedding saree and there are manifolds of designer saree of the same category.







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