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Premium Quality Hand Finished Kundan Meena Jwelery Set

$275.00 USD


Fashion Vibes brings this classy charm of the close-fitting choker necklace is simply unmatchable. Chokers studded with Hand Finished Kundan Meena 1 gram antique Matt finish Necklace Sets have been used by royalty since ancient times.

Earring is very easy to use being lightweight and has a design which makes it very comfortable for use by girls and women. It can be worn over long time periods without any complains of ach and swelling.

Thick choker bands worn by teenagers reflect a cool, rebellious sense of style.

Women Love Jewelry as it not only enhances their beauty, but also gives them the social confidence.

This Piece of Jewelry will enhance your beauty and compliment your dress.

This jewellery set is made of the finest material and is plated with high quality to ensure a long lasting life of the product.

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