What to Wear in an Indian Wedding

Posted on September 26 2019

What to Wear in an Indian Wedding?

Indian Weddings are a huge extravagant affair with festivities lasting upto a week. It is not uncommon to have a guest list of more than1000 people who are invited for the Weddings. 

This brings up our topic of interest- What to wear for the Wedding ? 

This is not an easy task. There are many factors that come into the picture. Your relationship to the wedding party is important. Are you the mother of the Bride or the sister of the bride? In this case a heavy Wedding attire will be suitable. There are some other rules like Red or Maroon is reserved for the Bride in most Weddings. It is like a white gown for a Christian Wedding which only a bride can wear. Some Weddings have suggested dress codes like Indowestern Gowns for the reception.

There are primarily 4 events in a traditional Hindu Wedding. A Sangeet ceremony, Mehendi, Wedding and Reception. It can be quite a work to plan for at least 4 different outfits for these occasions.

Sangeet ceremony

As the name signifies, the Sangeet ceremony is all about singing and dancing.The families come together to put up a song and a dance show. Sangeet is comparatively a casual event and one can experiment with different styles. A lot of women prefer to wear lehengas since nowadays there are coordinated  group dances from the Grooms side and the Brides side.

Indo-Western Style Lehengas like the one below would be an appropriate Sangeet outfit-


In a mehendi ceremony the hina is applied to the Bride and the groom. The women in the family also join the celebration with putting mehendi on their hands and feet. A green and yellow outfits are preferred to signify the Mehendi.  A Sharara Suit with lots of embroidered work will give the freedom to roam around with no hassle with Mehendi on your hands.

The Wedding Night

Wedding Night is an elaborate formal affair and one should wear one the heavier embroidered outfits with matching Jewlery. A Wedding Lehenga with matching Kundan Set will take the effort out of any wedding outfit preparation. Kundan jewlery sets are a new trend in the Indian weddings coming for  the Bollywood Fashion. For the young this is the new choice over any gold jewlery. Heavy South Silk Saree is a classic choice for most mothers and aunts in the family.

The Reception

The Wedding Reception is usually the last day of the Wedding ceremonies where the new husband and wife greet the family and friends. An Indowestern Gown would be a good choice since the mood of the wedding shifts from traditional to a Western in most of the modern weddings. A cake is cut and the bride and the groom perform a couple dance.

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